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Santorini Attractions

sunset having the whole of Santorini in the frame, you should go to Faros in Akrotiri, where you will be almost alone. Another option is to choose Profitis Ilias (Pyrgos), one of the highest spots of the island, or Vlihada beach, where you will be fascinated with the volcanic scenery changing colour nuances as the sun sets.


Visit Akrotiri:

Nowhere in the world is there anything similar -and this year it opens to the public for the first time after six years. Visiting Akrotiri is like travelling in time. Walk around the streets and squares of a pre-historic city of 30.000 inhabitants(!), admire the elegant mansions and high finesse of the 17th century B.C.


Santorini Gastronomy:

Probably the most gastronomic island of the Aegean with a wide range of exceptional  local products (sea p.100) and  restaurants attributing another dimension to the Greek cuisine. You will not have a full experience of the island if you omit trying dishes prepared by the distinguished and awarded chefs of the island, who cook with passion and give soul to local products.


5 Hours Tour:

This tour include: Famous blue dom at Firostefani, Oia Village (staying aprox. 45 min), Winery for wine tasting (optional) with panoramic view, high point of Santorini (Profitis Ilias Monastry), Akrotiri Excavation (optional) last stop at Blacksandy Beach where you can have your Lunch as well.


Family Tour:

4 hours tour ideal for families: We start from Firostefani to see the famous blue dom churches, Oia Village (staying aprox. 45 min), tradional village of Megalochori ideal and easy for children and as last stop we drive to Blacksandy Beach where you can swim with your children.


Wine Tour:

Aprox. 3 hours: We visit 3 most known wineries of the Island, first is the Wine Museum, second is the wine caves museum and the third panoramic view winery. Wine tasting is available at all wineries.





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